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Avanzar Home Health Care, LLC works with you step by step in recovery. Responsive and committed to your needs, we are caring, capable and professional...the healing touch your health seeks.

Medical Social Work

Medical Social Worker

A medical social worker is a professional who thrives on improving the welfare and quality of life of a patient’s family, finance and community relations.

The medical social worker provides the advise and resources to help patients cope:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Program Evaluation
  • Home Safety
  • Hospital discharge assistance
  • Financial Assessment
  • Wake Arrangement Support
  • Will Settlement
  • Family and community organization
  • Counseling (Individual, Family, Group)

If you wish to obtain one of the health services Avanzar Home Health Care, LLC offers, our lines are open to take your questions and requests. Please give us a call at 480-359-9501.

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